5 Ways The Dassault Falcon 8X Is Sure To Enhance Your Travel Experience

The flagship plane of the French jet manufacturer incorporates luxury with military aviation technology

Dassault Falcon

For many, owning or having access to a private jet really boils down to one thing – the convenience of it all, from the luxury of checking in whenever you want, to VIP treatments from check-in to immigration. But which private jet to choose from? Here we list our top five reasons why the Dassault Falcon 8X is our choice for private aviation travel:

  1. Long range, high altitude

One of the Dassault Falcon 8X’s key selling points is that it has a fast take-off and sharp entry and exit angles, which allows it to access shorter, less accessible runways than many jets. It also has a long 6,450 nautical mile range, which means the aircraft can pretty much take off and land anywhere you want, linking important city pairs all over the world.

Its three Pratt & Whitney engines means the 8X can fly more direct routes, and fly higher than commercial airlines at 15,500 metres, where it can go even faster and use less fuel due to the thinner atmosphere.

  1. Military aviation safe

Dassault Falcon’s military aviation background has aided in providing military-derived technology to enhance the 8X’s specs. Stay safe with the Falcon Eye head-up display system that uses six forward-facing cameras to piece together an accurate image of approaching terrain, making it safer to land at night or in low-visibility conditions.

  1. Extreme privacy

As for VVIPs hoping to travel virtually undetected: Dassault Falcon claims the 8X cannot be tracked on websites like Flight Radar or by competitors, ensuring complete travel invisibility.

Dassault Falcon 8X interior

  1. Customisable comfort

The 13m-long cabin (excluding cockpit and baggage area) can be customised according to owner specifications, with over 30 layout configurations to include a shower possible.

Passenger comfort is extended to its noise suppression and cabin altitude of 3,900ft, so that passengers can converse in a normal manner, while mitigating tiredness passengers feel when flying long distances.

  1. Onboard systems

Be in control from anywhere in the 8X with its cabin management system that makes use of Apple devices. Or track flight progress using an app that has a virtual moving map of any area you are flying over by simply pointing your iPad in its direction. Sky-high entertainment is a breeze too, with the Skybox wireless media server and vast video and music library to keep you amused.