We caught up with Lamborghini's Regional Director APAC to talk about his ultimate road adventures

By Hao Han Li, Photos courtesy of Lamborghini

Posted on 27 April

What do you drive on leisurely road trips?

I love outdoor adventures. For road trips I prefer to drive a Urus where I can experience its full performance on any road and terrain. It is equipped with an SUV’s functionality, but gives the feeling of a super sports car. I can’t go on a road trip without music; I like to start my drive with my curated playlist fuelling my journey and unlocking any road.

Which road trip from the past do you still remember to this day?

November 2012 at Kruger National Park. I drove a white Gallardo Performante as we headed north towards Ehlanzeni. When we parked at our first destination, some elephants approached us, and I had the opportunity to touch and feed them. It was my first time driving a Lamborghini in a forest. Also, it was an exceptional feeling to be up close to the majesty and power of the animals.

In July 2021, Lamborghini China launched a dynamic event, the Esperienza China Giro ‘Journey into the Vast’. Forty-two Lamborghinis travelled more than 800km through the majestic vastness of Ningxia and Gansu in north-western China. I drove the Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder, a convertible for an unfiltered driving experience in the open air, and revelled in the feeling of freedom and the magnificent views provided by open-top driving.

The five-day journey started in Yinchuan, and we drove through the Helan mountain range, stopped to experience the local culture, and sought blessings at the Fuyin Temple. Driving through China’s Route 66 of Zhongwei was an absolute stunner; we passed by deserts and villages on the way to Tonghu Grassland. Finally, we spent a night at an oasis in Tengger Desert, where the Lamborghini Urus showcased its powerful  off-road abilities in Sabbia (sand) mode. It was a road trip of starry skies and rustling sands through some very picturesque places.

What other places are you planning to visit next?

I’d love to visit some neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia. Due to the travel restrictions, it has not been possible to travel there. I’ve heard about the beautiful landscapes and scenic drives across the region but I’ve yet to experience them.

This brings me to our UnSTOappable Traveller social media campaign, where Lamborghini fans were able to travel with the Huracán STO virtually and discover the captivating charms of Southeast Asia. The regional-scale project captured the essence of the Huracán STO being a road-homologated super sports car that can be driven not only on track but also on a day-to-day road environment.

What will you now leave home without?

I’ve been quite fortunate to experience living outside Europe and gaining a deeper understanding of Asia. These valuable experiences are something that you only get to fully appreciate when you live in the country. It has taught me to always keep an open mind; when you do, you’ll see different perspectives and possibilities.

Hence, keeping an open mind is something that I ‘carry’ with me for an ultimate authentic experience.

What road trip tips can you share with fellow luxury travellers? 

For an ultimate travel experience, I would recommend soaking in the country’s culture and traditions, be it trying local cuisines or embarking on an off the beaten track. It would be best to keep an open mind and adventurous spirit.