The upgrades on the Cessna Citation M2 and Cessna Citation XLS 2 focus on the needs of today’s flyers

By Tony Watts, Images Courtesy of Textron Aviation

In the midst of a global pandemic, avoiding interacting with the general public has become the norm, so it should be unsurprising to learn that private air traffic in the US has exceeded 2019 levels.

If you have the means, why take the risk?

Add to this the convenience of flying private, and the current strong demand for business jets becomes obvious.

Cessna, one of the giants in the business with 167 jet deliveries last year, has taken the opportunity to upgrade two of its more popular models to reflect the needs of today’s flyers.

At the ‘entry level’ the Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 gets the latest technology in the cabin, including wireless charging capabilities and USB-A ports at each seat, and USB-C ports in the club area.

New interior styling, with ambient accent lighting, re-designed illuminated cupholders and additional in-flight accessible storage, adds up to greater comfort in-flight for all occupants.

Since its launch in 2013, the Citation M2 has been popular with owner/operators, and for good reason: It can be flown by a single pilot, has an ergonomic cockpit with Garmin G3000 touchscreen avionics, can be operated from 978m fields at maximum takeoff weight (4,853kg), can carry a maximum of seven passengers, and has the best in-class range, according to Cessna.

The quoted maximum range is 2,871km, which in Singapore terms puts northern Thailand or Bali within reach, all while carrying a pilot and four passengers. And a maximum cruise speed of 748km/h ensures you get there fast.

In the mid-size range, the Citation XLS gets the Gen2 treatment too, with a new pedestal seat design to enhance passenger comfort with individual controls, new styling and optional quilting. The forward couch features an optional fold-down capability, which allows passengers to access baggage in flight.

The XLS Gen2 also offers a state-of-the-art intuitive wireless cabin management system that includes a touchscreen moving map monitor, wireless charging, USB charging ports at each cabin seat and optional Bongiovi Immersive speaker-less sound system.

A new illuminated airstair door improves ramp presence and facilitates ease of access in all conditions, and the new entry curtain provides weather protection in inclement conditions as well as improving cabin acoustics in flight.

Cessna has delivered more than 1,000 560XLs in the last 25 years, and the series is popular with fractional owners and charter operators who appreciate its combination of performance, comfort, ease of operation, range of mission capabilities and favourable operating efficiencies, making it the best-selling mid-size business jet family of the 21st century.

With an impressive maximum range of 3,889km, and maximum cruise speed of 817km/h, the world is your oyster. With four passengers and two pilots, southern China, eastern India, and north-western Australia are all one hop away from Singapore. And a maximum of 12 passengers, plus a 1,097m takeoff field length at 9,222kg maximum takeoff weight makes the XLS extraordinarily flexible.

Cessna is taking orders for both models now, with deliveries expected to begin by the end of the first quarter of 2022 for the Citation M2 Gen2, and the second quarter for the Citation XLS Gen2.