Driving First Class

The elegant Range Rover Autobiography ticks all the boxes for this sports enthusiast and family man.

One of Mark Lee’s fondest memories is driving through a large, open terrain in Australia where he studied, while listening to music from a good in-car sound system. A spacious drive is important to Mark, but not all cars can give him the luxury of space. The CEO of Sing Lun Holdings Pte Ltd, a family business that specialises in investment, stands at 1.9 metres tall.


Fortunately, the majestic Range Rover Autobiography is no ordinary SUV. With a height of 1.869m, this top-of-the-line Range Rover is also the marque’s largest. Its wheelbase measures 2.922m long and its luggage volume extends to 700 liters. This is perfect for Mark, an avid golfer and cyclist who often packs his sports equipment on leisure trips.

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Mark shares that he would like to test the all-terrain capabilities and terrain response system of the Range Rover in Malaysia once the Johor-Singapore travel restrictions are lifted. Infusing outdoor recreation with its unique brand of luxury, the Range Rover’s six-cylinder four-wheel-drive produces an output of 400PS. Its floating roofline, continuous waistline, lower accent graphics and pixel LED lights are signature design details of coveted luxury brand.

While admiring the intricate veneers and trim finishes of the front and rear seating, Mark divulges that he feels comfortable and in control when nestled in its capacious, high-ceilinged cockpit.

The sophisticated Range Rover’s smart interface connects instantly with his smartphone. Its intuitive Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with twin 10-inch high-definition touchscreen controls attend to his every need, while reverse traffic and clear exit detection keep him and his loved ones safe. He rests assured that his family is well taken care of whenever they are ferried in this gratifying and elegant SUV.

What was your first impression of the Range Rover?

I like this car’s size, space and volume. I’m a really tall guy, but I enjoyed a lot of space when I was in the driver’s seat. The Range Rover is very lavish and suits my lifestyle and personality. Its large cabin space lets me feel like I’m one with my surroundings. I can put all the seats down, literally without lifting a finger, to put items like bicycles in the back. Furthermore, I really like the sunroof, in which the blind opens automatically, because it gives a very open feeling when driving.

Did the aesthetic of the cabin enrich this space?

Yes, I really liked the way it’s designed – the large dashboard, clarity of screens, its luxurious fittings and its touchscreen that you can customise to display what you want. The construction of the whole panel is very detailed and the high-quality leather of the seats give this car a very classy feel. For me, luxury in a car is how sophisticated the console system performs and looks.

Would you describe yourself as a safe or speedy driver, and does this car suit your driving style?

I think it depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m an aggressive driver. The Range Rover is very comfortable. When I need power and pickup, it’s able to give me that.

How would you describe this Range Rover’s power and responsiveness?

That’s one thing that really blew my mind. It’s a 3-litre car but it drives like a 5-litre car. I actually went to check on its specs, because I was intrigued by its power. I was surprised that this car can overtake others quite quickly. This car really gives me a sense of control. It feels like a luxurious limousine in the form of a powerful SUV.

Did you have any favourite functions?

Another thing that caught my attention was the seats, which have massage functions that can be customised. I can customise the intensity and type of massage to what I like. It’s an incredible experience to be massaged while driving! The Range Rover is also fitted with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which let users connect their Android phone or iPhone to the car and touchscreen seamlessly.

If you could travel overseas with the Range Rover, where would you go first?

I would like to drive to Kuala Lumpur with the Range Rover once the border reopens. This car handles different terrain well and does excellently on long-distance trips. My family and I feel comfortable and really safe inside. Even when it rains heavily, visibility of the road is first class because of the height of the Range Rover. I would also bring bicycles on this adventure.

What kinds of people would you recommend the Range Rover to?

The Range Rover is opulent luxury for urban professionals who don’t want to be extremely showy. It truly fits that lifestyle and it lets the whole family feel safe. It’s suitable for my family, who drive to different parts of Singapore to cycle. We like to eat, so we also use it to drive to different food haunts. It allows me to pack everyone in there comfortably and it’s easy to drive, manoeuvre and park anywhere.

Did you get many looks from passers-by?

Oh, yes. Frankly, we got a few good looks, mostly from men. This is a very masculine car and sitting inside it feels like you’re the king of the road.

What are the most important things you look for when buying a car?

I’ve an active lifestyle, so I need space. I’m able to fit various sporting gear in this car – bicycles, golf clubs, basketballs, rackets, and shoes for different sports. When I need to put the seats down, I can do so with the touch of a button. This means that after work, I’m always ready to head out to different recreational activities with my friends. The large cabin and boot are useful when I go grocery shopping too – I use the Range Rover’s gesture split tailgate function with ease and the boot opens immediately. For all my stuff, like keys, chargers, remote controls and phones, the Range Rover has so much space in its compartments to house all these things. In the driver’s seat of the Range Rover, I feel on top of the world. I also like that it’s safe and sturdy, which gives me greater peace of mind. I like a sense of space and freedom, paired with a good sound system. No matter what genre of music I’m listening to, I hear every note clearly. The Range Rover lets me enjoy that feeling. I have not found another SUV as luxurious as this one.

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