Ownership Enhanced

Owning a BMW 7 Series, 8 Series or X7 is more than having the privilege of driving one of the most advanced, luxury performance cars on the road. The complimentary membership to the BMW Excellence Club also provides a wealth of benefits that go beyond driving pleasure.

People own cars for different reasons. Some want their cars to provide them with the ultimate in performance. Some look for comfort and the conveniences of modern technology. And others enjoy the elevated status an association with a respected brand provides.

With BMW, drivers have the advantage of all of the above and more. Ownership of a BMW 7 Series, 8 Series or X7 comes with the coveted membership in the BMW Excellence Club.

BMW understands that buying a car does not end with signing papers and driving the vehicle out of the showroom. While the reliability and durability of any of its vehicle is unquestionable, BMW further offers members of the BMW Excellence Club features to keep their cars looking and running great, as well as opportunities to enhance their own well-being.

Regular servicing is a critical element to maintaining a car in great condition. But given the expectedly busy schedule of many BMW owners, bringing a car into the workshop can be troublesome.

“When I send my car in for service, I look for a quick and fuss-free experience,” says Mr Andy Goh, Director of AGP Land Development Pte Ltd and the owner of a BMW 740Li. “Given how busy I am, it would be great if someone comes to me with a replacement vehicle of the same make and do an exchange with me. He brings the car to service and brings it back to me for an exchange again. This way, I need not waste time bringing the car in. When it comes to servicing, I look for minimal fuss and down-time.”

This would be an aspect Mr Goh wouldn’t need to worry about as a member of the BMW Excellence Club. 

Car pick-ups and complimentary courtesy cars during regular servicing at Performance Motors are standard with the Club. This allows him to go about life without missing a beat while his automotive needs are seen to. The Club goes even further with the Car Spa that will keep the vehicle looking as good as the day he bought it.

Drivers of the BMW 7 Series like Mr Goh even have an added benefit when it comes to ensuring worry-free ownership. Membership further provides the BMW Extended Warranty (5 years/200,000km) and the BMW Service Inclusive Plus (5 years/100,000km), leaving the maintenance of the car in the able hands of BMW’s service specialists. 

Removing hassles like taking the car for service frees up time for today’s busy executives. Time to play golf, for example. 

“I enjoy playing golf,” says Mr William Lim, Executive Director at Credit Bureau Singapore, and owner of a BMW 730Li. “The game lets me enjoy the great outdoors with friends. And I can even have my favourite drink in hand.

“It’s always a pleasure travelling to play golf too, and one of my most memorable trips was to Gulf Harbour in New Zealand.”

Over the years, Mr Lim has also had the opportunity to play in corporate events in Singapore. He, for one, would be happy to hear that membership in the BMW Excellence Club offers the chance to play at the heralded BMW Golf Cup International, a much sought-after event that brings together amateur golfers to play in a professionally organised tournament held at iconic golf courses around the world. 

Golf tournaments and dining experience are just two examples of how membership in the Club offers owners a chance to enjoy their favourite pursuits while building connections with like-minded individuals in bespoke networking and signature occasions. 

Beyond the fine trappings the BMW Excellence Club affords, the sure pleasure of taking a BMW on the road is hard to beat. BMW owners appreciate the technology that goes into their vehicles and enjoy the performance it gives. 

The exhilaration of unimpeded acceleration. The sensation of G-force as the car rounds a tight turn at speed. The knowledge that you can do all this without any worry of on-coming traffic. Such are the pleasures afforded when you take a BMW onto the track.

BMW Excellence Club gives members the exclusive chance to take driving pleasure to the ultimate heights on a BMW track day. And the great thing is that you’re not restricted to model that they own. Driving programmes include being able to experience, first-hand, the speed and handling of some of the latest BMW high-performance models. But if a more relaxing mode of driving is preferred, the Club also puts together luxury drives that pamper.

The fine features of the BMW Excellence Club is ever-evolving and ever-improving. In addition to the service, networking events and driving experiences, the Club also raises the standard of your ownership of a BMW 7 Series, 8 Series or X7 with handpicked privileges in travel, shopping and dining. 

Regardless of which BMW Excellence Club feature you enjoy most, you will have the assurance that BMW leaves nothing to chance to make your experience a perfect one.

Be part of the BMW Excellence Club when you drive a BMW 7 Series, 8 Series or X7.

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