Tateossian — On The Cuff


by Maripet Ledesma Poso

Cufflinks are a finishing touch to a man’s wardrobe — the pearl earrings of the sartorial world, so to speak. In their original form of cuff strings, they can be traced back to the early 16th century. Today, cufflinks are somewhat imbued with talismanic significance: gifts for graduation, weddings and anniversaries; from fathers to sons. And that’s why choosing the right pair carries weight.

Thanks to countless sartorial trends over the years, for every elegant pair, there are a thousand comedy caricatures. Still, adding substance to your shirt cuff doesn’t mean merely pinning on the well worn traditional options. With today’s roster of original cufflink designs from designers like Trianon and Mathieu Jerome, there are plenty of statement pieces that blend fine craftsmanship and creativity to mark you out as a gentleman of refinement.

One jewellery designer even goes prehistoric, using rare elements from millions of years ago to create extraordinary cufflinks. Robert Tateossian, CEO and designer of Tateossian, travels the world to source for interesting and unusual materials. Natural ammonite dating back to the Devonian period, organic 23.5k yellow gold nugget discovered in 1851, and silver cable meteorites are just some of the exotic materials he employs.


Tateossian’s passion for luxury and the creatives saw the former finance whiz turned “King of Cufflinks” leaving a comfortable career in investment banking — after almost a decade in the industry — to pursue jewellery design. He set up a workshop in Birmingham, in the hub of England’s silversmith industry, and sought fine craftsmen to create a line of jewellery and accessories that echoes his own philosophy: stylish, unique, uncompromising.

Accepting no limitations in designs, materials, and creations, Tateossian is “more than just a purveyor of stylish shirt sleeve fasteners”. Rest assured that the statement you make on your wrists with one of his cufflinks will have gravitas and clout, whilst being discreet and stylish.

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