Steady demand and strong workforce are behind sustained performance.

By Li Haohan

For the second consecutive year, AMAC Aerospace held a video presentation of its annual report. The presentation was recorded at Hangar No. 5 at the company headquarter in Basel, Switzerland. Completed in spring this year, the said facility is now a bustling hub for the company’s aircraft maintenance activities. 

Mr. Waleed Muhiddin, Director of Business Development and Marketing, hosted the presentation with updates from Mr. Kadri Muhiddin, Group Executive Chairman and CEO; Mr. Bernd Schramm, Group COO; and Mr. Mauro Grossi, Group CFO. It highlighted the company’s achievement, projects, and business plans. 


Mr. Kadri Muhiddin reiterated that despite ongoing challenges and difficulties in the industry worldwide, AMAC managed to register continued growth, albeit slow one. Demand for services continues from clients in the US, China, Russia, and Africa. “We deliver quality, and customers are happy with our standards,” Mr. Muhiddin said by way of explaining the company’s continued profitability. He also pointed out that employment remains healthy on the back of sustained demand for business.

“We will soon integrate Gamit Limited, a 30-year-old UK-based company specialising in aviation technical support,” Mr. Muhiddin continued. “And before the end of the year, AMAC will have a presence in Saudi Arabia.” 


“We registered a 20 per cent increase in overall demand this year,” reported Mr. Bernd Schramm. With Hangar No. 5 now fully operational, the company has more slots for mid-size aircraft, he added. “In June, half of the world’s Boeing 747-8 fleet was in our facility in Basel for maintenance, refurbishment or modification,” Mr. Schramm said. “These aircrafts belong mostly to heads of state or family offices.”

He also added that the incorporation of Gamit Limited will be finalised by the end of the year. The integration would mean an expanded array of aviation-related services that the company can offer. “It would also add approximately 35 new employees and over 100 years’ worth of cumulative experience to AMAC.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Mauro Grossi highlighted that the company was adequately prepared for the opening of Hangar No. 5. “We have ample manpower to run the new facility. Our strong adherence to safety protocols and the implementation of anti-COVID 19 measures ensured that we didn’t experience work stoppage or disruptions.”