Your Future And Your Wealth

Planning ahead can cushion the impact of an unexpected event.

Before the pandemic, architect Jonathan Quek would take his family everywhere — from France to New Zealand — on twice yearly trips. His goal was to expose his three children, now aged 12, 10 and seven, to different cultures, languages and people. “It’s amazing watching them grow up and reveal their own personalities as time passes,” he says proudly.

These days, with travel plans on hold and working from home a sound option, Quek spends more time with his children. “When I return from work, I make it a point to interact with them; we even plan new adventures such as exploring various parts of Singapore.”

A gifted architect, Quek is expected to take over the reins of RT + Q, the award-winning practice that his father TK Quek and partner Rene Tan founded together. He is up to the task: “I’m passionate about my profession and the pursuit of creating delightful spaces. Nothing beats walking through a completed project after years of devotion paid to it.”

It appears that Quek is living a charmed life of a young family man in a very secure job that he enjoys. However, he admits that he is not spared of tough challenges. “Architecture requires creativity, resilience and, now more than ever, adaptability, particularly with the difficulties that the construction industry faces.”

As a professional, I have to ensure that our work is consistently strong. Consistency is key, and we pursue it relentlessly.” Fortunately, the high stakes and responsibilities do not weigh him down. “If anything, they motivate me to work smarter and try even harder in the face of adversities.”

On the personal front, Quek’s greatest responsibility is towards his children. “Together with my wife, I deploy my best efforts towards their development. My main goal is to provide them with the best education we can afford.” He wants to ensure that he has the resources to accomplish this.

Quek relies on his profession for his primary source of income, which he augments with some investments. For now, his future and that of his family, are adequately secure, but he is not taking any chances. He knows full well that circumstances can change quickly, offering up both challenges and opportunities. And when they turn up, those armed with foresight and preparedness will have the advantage.


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