F/LIST Wins German Innovation Award

Heated flooring wins it for the renowned manufacturer of high-end aircraft, yacht and luxury residence interiors.

By Terrie V. Gutierrez

After winning the German Design Award 2018, which rewards outstanding product design, F/LIST Heated Stone Flooring also won the coveted German Innovation Award. Established this year, the new award by the German Design Council honours products and projects that are true innovations in their fields.

F/LIST’s Heated Stone Flooring is the only fully certifiable real stone flooring with integrated heating in the aviation industry and can be heated to any preset temperature between 23°C and 33°C, with a low power consumption of only 200 watts sqm — remarkable performance considering the flooring is only 11.2 mm thick and only slightly heavier than the non-heated version. The heated stone flooring is easy to clean and non-flammable. It’s a great alternative to carpets, which are more commonly used in business aircraft. It’s hygienic, especially if used near doorways and areas more likely to get wet. And due to its high resilience and durability, does not need to be replaced as often as carpets. The flooring also passes all noise tests. An elegant alternative to carpets, the flooring’s integrated heating also creates a more cozy atmosphere within the plane.

Tags : Cabin Design