VistaJet to offer complimentary empty leg flights to governments and medical community

This is to ensure critical travel requirements keep moving

Cargo flights are seeing a drastic fall in demand, thanks to cancellations of major global commercial routes. In response to this, VistaJet is in talks with governments, medical communities and health experts to help provide solutions in order for the medical community to continue receiving supplies.

VistaJet is therefore offering complimentary empty leg flights to Governments and organisations to help repatriate citizens or to use as critical transport for medical support to reach necessary locations to help fight the global pandemic. To further ensure that officials are able to keep their response plans as prompt as possible, the first and only global private aviation company is assisting with the complex logistics of the necessary permits and paperwork.

Empty legs are aircraft repositioning between flights without passengers onboard. Empty leg flights will have a predetermined aircraft type, departure date and time, and destination.

“This is an unusual time and one that we must all work together where possible to do whatever we can to help. We know we don’t normally offer repatriation flights or the transportation of medical equipment, but ultimately, we are a logistics company and we are here to help the global community as much as we can. We are in this fight together,” shared Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman of VistaJet.

Should you represent a government or medical organisation or know of anyone that requires air assistance, contact VistaJet here.