Finding Meaning In Wealth

A young entrepreneur finds the true value of wealth in what good it can do for others

Entrepreneur Alvin Poh did not enjoy a life of ease growing up. Financial security was a constant challenge that it shaped his childhood dream of providing for his needs and those of his family someday. But with prodigious abilities and dedication, Poh overcame his hardships early. Eventually, he drove the tech business that he founded to outright success, and his early wishes to reality.

Currently, Poh runs the cloud-hosting provider, CLDY.com, which helps SMEs get on public clouds. Although competitive, the cloud hosting space has gaps in customer support and customer service where tech support and human touch are required. “I like solving problems like these. I like looking around myself and finding out the immediate problems. I like fixing things and making them run smoothly.”

“These days, my goals have shifted from focusing on numbers to embracing a more holistic approach to running the business,” Poh confides, demonstrating a keen dedication to the upliftment of others. He launched the mentoring platform Super Scaling to share with fellow entrepreneurs his expertise in growing a business. “My goal is to impact one million entrepreneurs by showing them that scaling up a business is possible and sustainable if it is customer-centric and value-focused.”


Life on the fast lane has shown Poh the extremes to which he can take things. “The sacrifices I make can impact some aspects of my life negatively, and so I am committed to improving both my mental and physical well-being.” He does this by balancing work and play — not strictly in the amount of time he spends on them, but by being mindful of his intentions for doing things. “I have become more aware of what my preferences are, and I actively pursue them,” he shares. For instance, he carefully weighs the activities in which he participates to align them with his life goals.

He has also decided to help others in a similar situation he was in with a considerable contribution to his alma mater, Singapore Management University. Managed by the SMU, the returns from the fund will generate an annual scholarship in perpetuity. “My goal is to bring this movement even farther and see how its impact can be made more sustainable and far-reaching. I feel that giving back should be something that everyone does, especially to the causes that we feel more towards, individually.”


Poh’s entrepreneurial accomplishments come with financial rewards, but with a lifestyle that is supported by his portfolio, his financial strategy hinges on wealth preservation. “I simply focus on what I do best — entrepreneurship,” he says.

“Having the financial means allows you to overcome many of life’s obstacles and pursue opportunities that arise from it,” he says. “However, it doesn’t depend only on the money you have. I see wealth as the ability to live below your means, that is, adjusting your means and your standard of living.”

One can either increase his income or live within a lower standard; he can also do both, Poh reasons. “I think being aware of this allows for a deeper understanding of who we are and what our real preferences are. Being fully conscious of what we can do with any amount of money is my definition of true wealth.”


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Entrepreneurs like Poh have good reason to keep their eyes on their business. Knowing that their portfolio is in good hands, they can focus their undivided attention on driving their business on the path to success.

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